Self – adjusted magnetic systems


Magnetic devices provide simple and effective methods for ferro-magnetic objects manipulating and transporting in robotics. One of the advantages of such magnets is a possibility to combine censoring and power functions in one device, so that it can become self-adjusted. … Continue reading

Magnetic device adapters with controlled magnetic anisotropy


One of the most important parts of every magnetic clamping or handling device is its adapter. Adapter has to form an optimum way for the working magnetic flux from the device energy source to the steel piece to be clamped … Continue reading

+EP Pallet

Magneto-mechanical clamping


Magnetic fixtures such as chucks, tables, pallets of different size form and design are widespread equipment in any metalworking production. Yet all magnetic fixtures have a serious disadvantage: we only use 15% to 25% of their clamping power. This has … Continue reading

Neomill pallet

Magnetic fixtures for precision metalworking


Magnetic fixtures Tables, chucks and clamps are essential parts of practically all precision surface machining technologies directly influencing the productivity and accuracy of this technological process. In this article we will concentrate on accuracy aspects, analyze main reasons of fixture … Continue reading



An Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for holding work pieces magnetically and/or mechanically. Mangaslot is an invention necessitated by the growing demand for versatility in machine tool industry. Historically we have moved on from machine tools designed for a specific purpose … Continue reading

Double mag


Problem: A big job to be clamped for machining. Solution: Using conventional clamps for clamping. A better solution: Using conventional magnetic beds. The right solution: Unique self clamping magnets: DOUBLEMAG. Continue reading

NEO – power magnetic system. Advanced steel holding technology


Magnetic workholding is the simplest and most effective technology for all types of steel working and steel handling tasks. Magnet can realize safe and reliable fixation of practically all kinds and shapes of steel pieces during their machining (magnetic chucks, … Continue reading