Self – adjusted magnetic systems


Magnetic devices provide simple and effective methods for ferro-magnetic objects manipulating and transporting in robotics. One of the advantages of such magnets is a possibility to combine censoring and power functions in one device, so that it can become self-adjusted. … Continue reading


Permanent magnetic lifters


SuperNEO, HighPower, NEOPlate and other series SuperNEO:  Lowest weight systems for universal applications with highest safety HighPower:  Heavy-duty magnets with solid rigid construction and highest safety NEOPlate:  Lowest switching force for both horizontal and vertical plate handling NEOSpecial: Highest force … Continue reading


Electropermanent handling systems


EP – Power series Highest safety with lowest power consumption For steel plates and tubes up to 20m long with safe capacity up to 60t, including systems for handling plates in vertical position; For unloading plasma and laser cutting tables … Continue reading


Lifting magnets with automatic mechanical switching


VLM series Automatic mechanical switching for magnetic systems during their loading and unloading was first introduced by Dr. Vernikov in his book “Magnetic Systems for Metalworking”, NIIMASH, Moscow, 1975. In the past few years DVM has redesigned and improved these … Continue reading


VBEP battery powered electro-permanent lifting magnet


VBEP is an electro-permanent lifter. It is developed and produced by DVM using high energy electrically switchable rare-earth permanent magnets and is equipped with a specially developed maintenance-free batteries. VBEP magnets combine advantages of easy to operate electromagnets, 100% safety … Continue reading


DSE Series Deep Field Scrap Handling Electromagnets


Maximum productivity scrap handling systems (see publication) DSE series electromagnets are designed and produced in strict accordance to each customer’s requirements such as size, form, weight, duty cycle, productivity, energy consumption, application conditions, etc. We guarantee the best price/quality ratio … Continue reading

Magnetic heavy handling devices

Magnetic heavy handling devices. Deep Field Systems.


Most of known magnetic heavy handling devices are designed and applied for handling solid steel objects, such as plates, slabs, cylinders, etc. With such objects magnet is able to realize maximum magnetic attraction because the object itself has quite low … Continue reading