• The Netherlands, Russia1985 – 1987
    Developing, producing and installing magnetic equipment for Voronez Production Center, including know-how transfer and training.
  • The Netherlands, Russia, USA1987
    International Seminar for 100 companies, producing and using magnetic equipment, Moscow (RU)
  • The Netherlands, Ukraine, USA1989 – 1991
    Developing, producing and installing magnetic equipment for Kherson Shipyard, including know-how transfer and training
  • The Netherlands, USA, Russia1991
    International Seminar in All-Union Association on Magnetic Equipment for 50 companies. Odessa (UA)
  • The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ukraine1992 – 1995
    Creation of new steel-stainless steel brazing technology with “Paton Institute” NAS UA for industrial magnetic devices.
  • The Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic1992-1996
    Establishing magnetic production in Hulin (CZ) Know-how transfer, technical-commercial training seminars.
  • The Netherlands, France, Taiwan, Czech Republic1994-1998
    Development and arranging serial production of high accuracy magnetic and electromagnetic chucks for leading grinding OEMs in Far East.
  • The Netherlands, Ukraine1997-1999
    Creation of special magnetoanizotropic materials for magnetic equipment with “Institute on Material Sciences” NAS UA
  • The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, UK, Canada1999-2001
    Development and arranging serial production of new patented lowest cost demagnetizing systems.
  • The Netherlands, USA, Ukraine2001 – 2003
    Development of precision automated measuring complex for high-energy permanent magnets with “Institute of Electrodynamics” NAS UA
  • The Netherlands, USA, Russia1999 – 2004
    International PSO Projects FS-23 and FS-27. Feasibility study  on high-energy magnets and magnetic devices development.
  • The Netherlands, USA, Ukraine2000-2006
    International PSO Project 99/UA/2/4 “Development of serial production technology of high-energy magnets from industrial waste in Dnepropetrovsk region”
  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Scandinavia, Far East, Baltic Countries, Russia2000-2004
    Establishing , managing and technical – commercial training of Walker Magnetics sales network of agents, distributors and OEM.
  • The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, USA2000-2005
    Development and arranging serial production of new generations of magnetic fixtures with NdFeB magnets for grinding, EDM and milling technologies.
  • The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Far East, USA2003-2005
    Establishing and managing technical sales network of OEMs, machines distributors and end-users for turn-key magnetic technological projects
  • The Netherlands, USA, Russia, Ukraine2004-2007
    Three scientific feasibility projects with TNO (NL) :
    – “Development of switchable high energy magnets and separation systems on their base”, partner: Expromag Ltd. (RU)
    – “Development of low cost miniature magnetic field meter”, partner: Spetsautomatica Ltd, (UA)
    – “Development of electromagnetic liquid sensors for food, pharmaceutical and environmental industry”, partner: Inst. of Electrodynamics, (UA)
  • Belgium, UK, Germany, USA, Italy2004 – 2006
    Establishing the multinational cooperation network in the field of magnetic equipment for research applications
  • Belgium, India, China2005-2008
    Development of new production technology and know-how transfer for lowest cost mass productions of standard magnetic and electromagnetic equipment (chucks, fixtures, lifters)
  • Japan, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, China2005 – 2008
    International Project. Creation and arranging production of new magnetic pallets and fixtures for High-Speed Milling Technology
  • The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Taiwan2005 – 2008
    International Project. Creation of Robotic Systems for Grinding Technology, including loading- unloading, wheel changing and demagnetizing modules.
  • The Netherlands, USA, Russia2006-2008
    Development of special highest energy magnetic heavy handling system for cranes, including know-how transfer and seminar for Tcheliabinsk Metallurgical Plant (RU).
  • The Netherlands, China, Russia2006
    Development and supply of three special automatic magnetic technology systems for VAZ car building factory, Togliaty (RU).
  • The Netherlands, USA, Ukraine2006 – 2008
    Establishing serial production of original lowest cost magnetic measuring instruments for industrial application.
  • The Netherlands, India2007
    Technical – Commercial Seminar. Serial production technology for high energy magnetic workholding systems. Hyderabad (IN)
  • Belgium, UK, Russia, Singapore2007 -2008
    International Investigation of magnetic devices with special rotating fields for magnetic therapy
  • Belgium, Russia, China, India2007 – 2009
    International project. Creation and arranging production of electromagnetic and electropermanent handling systems for hot steel (up to 700 degr.C)
  • The Netherlands, Germany, USA2007 – 2009
    International Project. Research and Development of reliable load sensoring systems for magnetic handling devices.
  • The Netherlands, China2008
    Technical – Commercial Seminar. Advanced Magnetic Technology for modern industry. Shanghai (CN)
  • The Netherlands, UK, USA, Germany2008 – 2009
    International investigation of special fuel magnetizing systems
  • Belgium, USA, Singapore, Russia2008 -2010-2011
    International Project. Creation of electromagnetic water pollution sensoring systems for continuous environmental control
  • Belgium, USA, Canada, China2008 – 2010
    International Project. Creation and arranging production of special magnetizing systems, generating magnetic fields on the world highest level for scientific and industrial applications.
  • The Netherlands, Russia2009
    Technical – Commercial Seminar. New safe and energy saving magnetic systems for metallurgical industry. Moscow (RU)
  • The Netherlands, Germany, China2009 – 2011
    International Investigation of  high energy rare-earth magnets with special properties, including low coercivity magnets for electrically switchable systems.
  • The Netherlands, China, Finland, Russia2009 – 2011
    International Investigation of high energy deep field electropermanent scrap handling systems
  • Belgium, China, Russia, Norway2009 – 2010
    International Investigation of magnetic handling systems for underwater applications.
  • The Netherlands, Norway2010 – 2011
    International Project, KO7. “Ship arrestor”. Investigation, development and arranging production of special anchor clamping system
  • The Netherlands, China, India, Russia2010 – 2013
    International Project. Investigation, development and arranging production of high energy magnetic, electromagnetic and electropermant clamping systems with three times higher sliding force.
  • The Netherlands, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany 2012-2013. International Project. Creation and starting production of spacial rare-earth multipole magnets for cancer therapy.
  • The Netherlands, Cyprus, ….  2013.                                                                                             Participating in establishing the International “EUMED” Consortia for joint R&D projects in the fields of economy, society and environment with 130 members from 30 countries.
  • The Netherlands, France, Germany, Estonia 2011-2014.                 International Project. R&D on highest energy gradient magnetic separation systems for nano-particles with low magnetic properties.
  • The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Norway 2013-2014.                                                             International Investigation on magnetic effects on stem cells activity
  • The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, China, Russia 2013-2015.           International Project. Creation and starting production of advanced self-adjusted control systems for magnetic heavy lifting applications.
  • The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus 2015-2018.                                                International Investigation. R&D of “Nano-Pulse” ozone generating systems for water and soil purification technologies
  • The Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Japan, China 2017-2019.                                                       International Investigation on possibilities of substituting rare-earth metals in high energy electrically switchable magnets for electro-permanent systems
  • The Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, China 2018-2020      International Investigation on possibilities of high gradient special magnetic separation systems for utilising the radioactive materials from mines waste
  • The Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, China 2019-2021       International Project. Creation of the world’s first uranium dump utilisation technology for waste-less radioactive-magnetic separation of dump mass into construction material and uranium concentrate
  • The Netherlands, China, Germany, Canada 2020-          International Investigation on R&D of the most powerful switchable magnetic Halbach systems for multiple applications