Experimental magnetic systems for fuel treatment

Magnetic treatment of liquids is well known method of liquid preparation used in several chemical and technological processes. Main advantages of this method include non-reagent treatment, environmental friendly treatment and comparatively simple realization.

In recent years scientific sources suggested new and interesting possibilities for magnetic treatment of hydrocarbon fuel both in gas and liquid state. This research has lead to development and serial production of several “fuel magnetizing” systems in USA, Sweden and Hungary. Even though the positive effects of these systems are actively advertised by their vendors, there is still no conclusive scientific explanation of what is exactly happens within such “magnetizers”.

Starting in 2000 DVM has lead several international investigations in this field in cooperation with scientific and production partners from Russia and China. Several experimental magnetic systems have been designed and tested in the course of these investigations. One of such systems is described below.

The experimental system was developed using results of research into diesel boiler efficiency where fuel was supplied through several known and experimental magnetic systems. In each of the tested systems boiler efficiency was calculated based on statistical analysis of boiler parameters during one week within normal (similar) application conditions.

First  “MULTIMAG” (Sweden), “FuelMax” (USA) and “MASTER-BERNER” (HUNGARY) systems were investigated. The tests showed an average of 3 to 5% increase in boiler efficiency and 5 to 7% decrease in toxic waste using these systems.

In order to optimize magnetic system performance we also tested eight experimental systems with magnetic field strength from 2.000 to 10.000 Gs and field gradient from 1 to 5 T/cm in different combinations. The best results were reached with magnetic system having field strength of about 7000 Gs and field gradient of about 3 T/cm.

A practical implementation of such optimized magnetic system using existing high energy magnets would require extreme system length and diameter. To solve this problem DVM has developed and produced special high energy rare-earth permanent magnets able to produce necessary magnetic field parameters while minimizing the system size

Magnetic treatment of liquids

An experimental system was tested for a month and showed resulting in 11% boiler efficiency increase and producing approximately 18% less boiler toxic waste.

We are currently investigating several other experimental systems with different magnetic parameters in different applications. Preliminary results have already indicated the possibility of using magnetic treatment of fuel for improving engine performance in transport vehicles (cars, diesel locomotives, ships).

It is obvious that positive results here can be reached only based on serious multidisciplinary research. DVM is constantly looking for new applications of this technology and cooperation partners in this extremely interesting and promising field.