Pulsed Current Generators

Many branches of modern industry need pulsed current generators.

Practically all electromagnetic devices are using today so called forced switching systems, where the huge initial pulse of working current allows generating extra electromagnetic energy while switching the electromagnetic device -on.

New generations of 100% safe and energy saving electro-permanent magnetic devices are based on the pulsed current control systems. Huge current pulses are magnetizing and demagnetizing magnets inside the electro-permanent device while switching it -on and -off. During application such device does not need electrical energy.

High energy rare-earth permanent magnets used today practically everywhere, need to be magnetized in special fixtures connected to powerful magnetizers, generating huge magnetizing current pulses.

DVM, one of the leading magnetic companies, develops and produces electromagnetic and electro-permanent devices and also has own production of special high energy permanent magnets.

That is why in recent years DVM together with partners and as part of international research projects developed advanced pulsed current generators, so called “PowerPulse Magnetizing Systems”.