VBEP battery powered electro-permanent lifting magnet

VBEP is an electro-permanent lifter. It is developed and produced by DVM using high energy electrically switchable rare-earth permanent magnets and is equipped with a specially developed maintenance-free batteries.

VBEP magnets combine advantages of easy to operate electromagnets, 100% safety of permanent magnetic lifters and are complete independent of external energy source.

Main Features

  • VBEP controller is based on a newly developed electronic system which allows remote set up and adjustments of eight handling parameters such as magnetic force level, magnetizing time, demagnetizing time, etc.
  • Batteries are used only during magnetization and demagnetization. During steel  handling VBEP magnets do not consume energy offering obvious energy saving advantages.
  • VBEP can be used in places without electrical power or where access to power is inconvenient or dangerous. For example outdoor, toxic or radioactive environments, environments with high risk of fire and other hazardous environments.
  • Special batteries have been developed for generating magnetizing and demagnetizing pulses. These batteries can function for up to 9 days without recharging and their charge state is constantly automatically monitored.
  • VBEP magnetic force safety coefficient: up to 4x!
  • Several magnets can be used together on one beam and controlled with one remote control
  • Standard version is designed for handling mostly steel plates
  • Special versions for handling tubes, beams, rounds and profiles are available on request