Permanent magnetic lifters

SuperNEO, HighPower, NEOPlate and other series

SuperNEO:  Lowest weight systems for universal applications with highest safety

HighPower:  Heavy-duty magnets with solid rigid construction and highest safety

NEOPlate:  Lowest switching force for both horizontal and vertical plate handling

NEOSpecial: Highest force lifters, developed on special request: space, underwater, radioactive and similar industrial and scientific applications

  • World highest safety x4!
  • Safe capacity range from 100 till 5000 kg
  • World highest capacity / weight ratio: up to 150!
  • Highest energy magnets from own production
  • Double 2 poles and 4 poles magnetic systems
  • Antislip systems for vertical handling
  • Patented easy switching systems
  • Suitable for both flat and round surfaces
  • Possibility for multiple magnets on a beam
  • CE certified designs. No side forces!

Special constructions and multiple systems on request