Lifting magnets with automatic mechanical switching

VLM series

Automatic mechanical switching for magnetic systems during their loading and unloading was first introduced by Dr. Vernikov in his book “Magnetic Systems for Metalworking”, NIIMASH, Moscow, 1975.

In the past few years DVM has redesigned and improved these systems using new high energy rare-earth magnets developed and produced by DVM and advanced mechanical switching devices.

VLM3 and VLM3B

These lifting magnets use special high energy rare-earth magnets integrated into compact cylindric magnetic systems. Mechanical switching device rotates these systems while loading and unloading steel material, realizing magnet automatic -on and -off switching.



VLM3 can handle steel plates, billets, cylinders, profiles, scrap and practically any steel object.

Several VLM3 can be used on a beam together. New design guarantees highest magnetic force within long, convenient, effective and maintenance-free application.

  1. Handling hook
  2. Control lever
  3. Safety lever
  4. Spring
  5. Ratchet
  6. Ratchet
  7. On/off indicator
  8. Control device body
  9. Magnetic surface


VLM3B series were developed for handling large steel plates up to 5 x 12m

VLM4 lifting magnet


This magnet was designed for handling short and thick steel plates.  VLM4 uses special pneumatic switching system which is actuated by the control lever realizing automatic -on and -off switching of the device magnetic systems. Magnetic force can be adjusted by varying the pressure in the pneumatic system. Switching reliability of this magnet depends on weight, size and thickness of the plate to be handled

VLM5 lifting magnet


This magnet is a modification of VLM4 for handling long and thin steel plates. Usually 3 to 5 VLM5 magnets are used together on one beam.