Electropermanent handling systems

EP – Power series

Highest safety with lowest power consumption

  1. For steel plates and tubes up to 20m long with safe capacity up to 60t, including systems for handling plates in vertical position;
  2. For unloading plasma and laser cutting tables up to 20m long with selective radio control, allowing separate handling of parts 100x100mm;
  3. For high temperature applications: up to 600 degrees C;
  4. Powered by highest capacity batteries with up to 6 months safe application time without recharging; with original radio remote control; equipped with continuous monitoring systems of magnets magnetizing level and batteries charge level. Safe lifting capacity up to 20t;
  5. Special deep field systems for scrap handling, bundles handling, thin plates handling, coils handling and several other applications;
  6. EP Power systems with special properties for scientific, underwater, radioactive, space and some other specific applications.
  • Need electrical energy only for switching –on and –off
  • Patented magnetic systems with highest handling force
  • Special highest energy switchable magnets from own production
  • 95% energy savings compared to conventional electromagnets
  • 100% safe in application due to practically unlimited magnet life
  • 100% duty cycle due to the absence of  thermo- critical parts
  • Patented selective radio remote control systems
  • DVM antislip systems for vertical handling
  • Practically unlimited sizes and shapes for all steel handling jobs
  • All CE certified original DVM designs