Drum magnetic wet separators

CTB, CTN and CTS wet power series

CT Wet Power series are developed for wet separation of magnetite, iron pyrites, hematite, ilmenite… with particle size below 6mm and are also suitable for removing iron from coal, nonmetal minerals, construction materials and for heavy magnetite recovery.

Also here we use specially developed and produced by DVM high energy magnets, guaranteeing highest field gradient and highest magnetic force.


Following executions are available both as standard and specially developed based on customer requirements:

Drum magnetic wet separators models

  • CTS: Concurrent tank: high recovery system for particles size below 6mm
  • CTB: Self-leveling counter-rotation tank: medium recovery system for particles size below 1mm
  • CTN: Counter-rotation tank: low recovery system for particle size below o.6mm
  • For maximum separation capacity Double or Triple Roller systems can be used

Drum magnetic wet power separators devices

Technical Parameters

Drum magnetic wet separators specifications