Double mag


A big job to be clamped for machining


Using conventional clamps for clamping.

Problems of the solution:

  1. A lot of time is wasted in clamping the job mechanically using several components.
  2. Uniformity of clamping is not assured every time.
  3. Not all surfaces are free to machining due to clamps
  4. The job may get deformed due to clamping, as illustrated in the picture

A better solution

Using conventional magnetic beds

Difficulties of the solution:

  1. A big magnetic bed is required, which is some times very expensive
  2. The magnet itself needs to be clamped and when they need to be shifted it becomes very difficult.
  3. When there are several magnets, several cables come out and make things complicated.

The right solution

Unique self clamping magnets: DOUBLEMAG

Features and benefits of the solution:

  1. Simple modules of EPM magnets.
  2. Magnets can be interconnected to each other hence minimum cables coming out of the machine.
  3. Clamps the job and the machine bed instantaneously and at the same time hence no clamping of the magnets themselves required.
  4. Any module of the magnet can be used to switch ON and OFF the other modules inert connected. This gives a great deal of flexibility.
  5. Self clamping hence eliminates any sort of clamping.


Double mag modules also come with an option in which there is a pair of additional magnets on once face which are activated by a separate signal. The advantage of this system is that even though you switch off the double mag and releases the job, the module it self remains clamped to the bed only there by repeated positioning of the module is not required. Thus the job can be released while the magnet remains at same position. This feature gives a new level of flexibility.


Custom versions of the double mag can also be manufactured. As can be seen in the application, a pair of double mag in single row pole profile is used to clamp a job for through machining. No other system gives such flexibility.