Magnets in medicine

Few areas of research in the course of human history have generated as many arguments and contradicting results as application of magnetism in medicine.

Is a human body sensitive to certain magnetic fields?

What magnetic field can reach notable effects in medical practice compared to or alongside other traditional methods?

These and similar questions were regularly investigated during last 100 years.

Many interesting answers came from the field of Magnetic Biology including a century-old tradition of magnetic therapy. Bio-magnetics and nano-technology, one of the modern directions of magnetic biology, and only about twenty years old and rely on many ideas taken from the physical and technical science.

Up to 80th one may find only a few scientific publications dedicated to human reaction to external magnetic fields. Detailed and integrated biochemical research in this field  started only about 25 years ago. Permanent and low-frequency magnetic fields were investigated mostly together with other non-ionised fields.

In the past few years promising results where shown by impulse influence (modified by low frequencies) based on known biological rhythms instead of continuous radiation (used earlier in biological experiments). This is due to the fact that a variable magnetic field exposure leads to much more effective physiological influences.

The most important problem here is evaluating the results and correcting the external field based on these evaluations. Such closed systems do not yet exist mostly due to the very complicated multidisciplinary monitoring tasks and the absence of reliable corresponding principles and systems.

Permanent magnets have been used in medicine for over a 100 years. Some examples of such applications are: magneto-acupuncture, special magnetic bandages and applicators, fixing magnets in stomatology, special magnets for brain surgeries… All these devices  use only static field concentrated in a certain area.

New high energy rare-earth magnets open wide possibilities in medical applications and last years allowed to create several new therapeutic principles and devices.

A high energy magnet generates high gradient field that allows deep penetration into the human body. Placed on a rotating base high energy magnet can generate  special alternating fields with controlled frequency, wave form and field direction. Combinations of these two methods showed best therapeutic results.

Magnetism will be widely applies in future medical practice, realising unique influences and activating our internal magneto-biological resources.

In the past years DVM together with several partners and within performing of several International Investigation Projects has created the following magnetic systems for medical applications using special high energy magnets from our production:

– Drug magnetizing systems: in some applications magnetizing technology proved to increase the effect of some medicines

– Magnetic systems for drugs positioning, moving and concentration inside human body. We are using patented liquid medicines magnetizing technology;

– Advanced Rotating Pulse Fields magnetic therapy systems. This new technology proved to be the most effective compared to all known similar systems

– Special extra thin high energy magnets for magneto puncture applications. We have developed new thin and flexible magnets, the best on the market for these applications

– Electromagnetic sensor systems for drugs quality evaluation. We are able to develop precision on-line medicine quality monitoring systems 

– Electromagnetic express blood monitoring systems. We are able to develop precision on-line blood content monitoring systems

– Magnetic, electromagnetic and electro-permanent systems for special medical applications.

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