High energy permanent magnets

Millions of magnets are used every year worldwide, influencing practically all branches of modern industry. Technical level, efficiency and reliability of industrial magnetic equipment, including lifting, clamping, handling, separating and many other similar devices, depends a lot on permanent magnets applied in these devices.

Today the best high energy magnets are produced from rare –earth compositions, such as the most popular Nd Fe B , created in 1983. Most of standard rare-earth high energy magnets, which are today on the market, are created for electrical machines. Main parameters of these magnets often do not correspond optimum requirements of the other magnetic devices.

For magnetic workholding devices standard magnets have unjustified high coercivity, for some magnetic handling devices standard magnets have not enough residual induction, for some separation equipment – not enough coercivity… Besides, some applications of magnetic equipment require magnets with special thermo, chemical or mechanical parameters.

Standard permanent magnets are not able to withstand high temperature or humidity, connected with some applications. Sometimes they do not have enough mechanical strength to withstand the necessary switching movements. Standard high energy rare-earth permanent magnets are as a rule extremely expensive…

DVM is constantly busy with International R&D projects on creating and improving industrial magnetic technology. Therefore we almost always need special high energy magnets with parameters, based on specific requirements of concrete magnetic application, allowing to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability of created magnetic equipment.


At the end of 90-th, as a result of International Investigation Project, DVM has established own production of special high energy permanent magnets. The aim was developing initial alloys and production technology of high energy permanent magnets with special properties for magnetic equipment created and produced by DVM.

The following novelties are applied in our high energy permanent magnets production, comparing with standard rare-earth magnets from mass productions:

  • New initial alloys compositions, where expensive rare-earth metals are substituted with comparatively low cost intermediate compositions from ore processing. These alloys allow achieving for produced magnets special magnetic, thermo and chemical characteristics together with significant decrease of magnets cost;
  • Original initial alloys production technology, using calcium-thermal reduction in argon atmosphere, allowing to reach stable and reliable alloy characteristics;
  • Original magnets sintering technology, using the hydrogen vibration grinding method, allowing to program some magnetic and thermo parameters of special magnets.


Today almost all our products are using special high energy magnets, developed and produced by DVM. With our original magnets we are able achieving higher magnetic forces of our workholding and lifting systems, realize deep magnetic fields in our separation systems, meet requirements of high temperature, underwater, space and some other specific applications, still having highly competitive costs of our magnetic equipment.


Together with several partners DVM is constantly working on improving our magnets parameters. We are also looking for industrial and scientific partners for performing joint projects in this field.

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