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Self – adjusted magnetic systems


Magnetic devices provide simple and effective methods for ferro-magnetic objects manipulating and transporting in robotics. One of the advantages of such magnets is a possibility to combine censoring and power functions in one device, so that it can become self-adjusted. … Continue reading

Pulsed Current Generators


Many branches of modern industry need pulsed current generators. Practically all electromagnetic devices are using today so called forced switching systems, where the huge initial pulse of working current allows generating extra electromagnetic energy while switching the electromagnetic device -on. … Continue reading

Precision Measuring and Calibration Systems for Liquids


The most informative liquid electromagnetic parameter is its Spectral Complex Electromagnetic Conductivity (SCEC), which can be measured in seconds. Practically every substance is changing the liquid electromagnetic parameters by creating both electrical dipoles and free charged particles. Known liquid conductivity … Continue reading

Magnetic device adapters with controlled magnetic anisotropy


One of the most important parts of every magnetic clamping or handling device is its adapter. Adapter has to form an optimum way for the working magnetic flux from the device energy source to the steel piece to be clamped … Continue reading

Experimental magnetic systems for fuel treatment


Magnetic treatment of liquids is well known method of liquid preparation used in several chemical and technological processes. Main advantages of this method include non-reagent treatment, environmental friendly treatment and comparatively simple realization. In recent years scientific sources suggested new … Continue reading

Thermo-electromagnetic conductivity of metals and alloys


Thermo-electromagnetic conductivity (TEMC) measurement is an effective method of express analysis of metals and alloys. Analyzing metals and alloys TEMC can be done in using two types of methods: Methods based on dependence of the alloy electromagnetic resistance Z (T, … Continue reading

Complex electromagnetic impedance as a base for continuous monitoring of liquids


Continuous monitoring of liquid properties is a topical problem in many branches of modern science and industry. Oceanology, meteorology, chemical and food industry, ecology, medicine and agriculture are just some of the areas where this technology applies. DVM has been … Continue reading

+EP Pallet

Magneto-mechanical clamping


Magnetic fixtures such as chucks, tables, pallets of different size form and design are widespread equipment in any metalworking production. Yet all magnetic fixtures have a serious disadvantage: we only use 15% to 25% of their clamping power. This has … Continue reading

Neomill pallet

Magnetic fixtures for precision metalworking


Magnetic fixtures Tables, chucks and clamps are essential parts of practically all precision surface machining technologies directly influencing the productivity and accuracy of this technological process. In this article we will concentrate on accuracy aspects, analyze main reasons of fixture … Continue reading

Complex Electromagnetic Conductivity of Liquids


Liquids, forming the base of our life, are giving us more and more troubles. Studying and controlling electrodynamic properties and processes in liquid substances opens new possibilities for understanding and using liquids. The article presents the concept of using the … Continue reading

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