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Self – adjusted magnetic systems


Magnetic devices provide simple and effective methods for ferro-magnetic objects manipulating and transporting in robotics. One of the advantages of such magnets is a possibility to combine censoring and power functions in one device, so that it can become self-adjusted. … Continue reading

PowerPulse Magnetizing Systems


These magnetizing systems were developed for DVM products and DVM production technologies. We have three main executions: “E-Pulse” for electromagnets, “EP-Pulse” for electro-permanent magnets and  “P-Pulse” for high energy permanent magnets. All systems have the possibility of generating demagnetizing decreasing … Continue reading

Pulsed Current Generators


Many branches of modern industry need pulsed current generators. Practically all electromagnetic devices are using today so called forced switching systems, where the huge initial pulse of working current allows generating extra electromagnetic energy while switching the electromagnetic device -on. … Continue reading

Precision Measuring and Calibration Systems for Liquids


The most informative liquid electromagnetic parameter is its Spectral Complex Electromagnetic Conductivity (SCEC), which can be measured in seconds. Practically every substance is changing the liquid electromagnetic parameters by creating both electrical dipoles and free charged particles. Known liquid conductivity … Continue reading

Magnetic device adapters with controlled magnetic anisotropy


One of the most important parts of every magnetic clamping or handling device is its adapter. Adapter has to form an optimum way for the working magnetic flux from the device energy source to the steel piece to be clamped … Continue reading

High gradient magnetic separators


HG super efficiency series This type of advanced magnetic separation equipment utilizes integrated forces : magnetic force, driving force and gravity force of pulsating material flow. DVM has developed new high energy magnets with special characteristics for HG Super Efficiency … Continue reading

Tray magnetic wet separators


YCP Wet power series YCP series are developed for magnetite recovery, ceramic slurry, ferric tetroxide and other materials with low magnetic properties separation. They are able decreasing ores ferrous level 10..15% and reach the upgraded ores level is up to … Continue reading

Drum magnetic wet separators


CTB, CTN and CTS wet power series CT Wet Power series are developed for wet separation of magnetite, iron pyrites, hematite, ilmenite… with particle size below 6mm and are also suitable for removing iron from coal, nonmetal minerals, construction materials … Continue reading

Drum magnetic dry separators


CTG Dry power series CTG series are designed for the continuous automatic iron removal with up to 98% efficiency. We use here specially developed and produced by DVM high energy magnets, guaranteeing highest field gradient and highest magnetic force. Single, doable … Continue reading

SuperPower magnetic wheel separators


VG2 series Technical Features Magnetic field: 1.4…2.1 T;  Separated particle size: 0,043…60 mm Low energy consumption; Minimum maintenance Totally sealed construction; Low noise; No pollution High separation efficiency; Easy operation; 10 years guarantee on magnetic parts Special executions – on … Continue reading

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