Dr. Vernikov Magnetics (DVM) represents the international network of experts and manufacturers in the field of innovative magnetic technologies, established in 1998 and led by Prof., Dr. Arkadi J. Vernikov.

Our business is research, development and production of advanced magnetic materials, systems and technologies for multiple applications, including industrial, scientific, biological, medical, environmental, space, underwater and other applications.

Our scientific, production and research  partners are strategically located all over the world with headquarters in The Netherlands and main centers in Germany, China, Canada, India, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Belgium.

We have successfully performed more than 20 international scientific and development projects in the field of magnetic technology and are constantly busy with technological and scientific improvements of our product range.

New patented magnetic circuits, own production of special high energy permanent magnets, advanced magnetic production technology and flexible international production network allow us to offer world most effective and competitive magnetic solutions.

Our magnetic, electromagnetic and electro-permanent systems can be simply integrated into any production or scientific technology, guaranteeing maximum productivity, 100% safety, reliability and significant energy saving.

One of our main activities is research and development of special magnetic systems, based on concrete industrial or scientific requirements where we are able to achieve special, often unique, characteristics still based on cost-effective solutions and ready for serial production.

Last years DVM together with several partners, has created, produced and supplied:

  • Unique energy saving handling systems for steel plates and tubes up to 20m long with safe capacity up to 60t, including systems for handling plates in vertical position;
  • Original high energy separators for substances with low magnetic properties;
  • New magnetic pallets and “magnetic hands” for robotized productions;
  • World biggest radio controlled magneto-mechanical tables 5x10m;
  • Unloading systems for laser and plasma cuting tables up to 15m long with selective radio control, allowing separate handling of parts 100x100mm;
  • World biggest deep field scrap handling magnets up to 3.500mm diameter;
  • New highest energy permanent magnets with unique magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties for multiple special industrial and scientific applications;
  • Advanced magnetic sensor technology for express analysis of liquids in biological, medical and environmental applications;
  • Unique magnetic systems for under water, space, and dangerous environments…
  • Innovative high gradient magnetic separation systems for materials with low magnetic properties for scientific and environmental applications
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